Monday, July 21, 2014

Campabilities Saratoga

Beginning August 3rd, it is the week of Campabilities Saratoga, held at Skidmore College.  Campabilities is a camp for blind/deaf children between the ages of 10 and 19 years old. 

Some of the  activities that we do at camp are rowing, horseback riding, track and field, and swimming.  Other  sports includes Beep Baseball,Beep Kickball,  and Judo.  Beep Baseball is a ball with a sound.  You hit the ball, and you hear a noise when it bounces off the tee.  You have to take the pin out to get the sound going.  Beep Kick ball is a ball with sounds in it.  You kick the ball and it makes a beeping noise.  Judo is a sport that orriginated from Japan. Judo is where you can also apply  joint locks, chokeholds and  other martial art techniques.At Campabilities, there is a talent show which includes comedians, singers, and dancers or any other special talent. Each night at Campabilities, there are different activities planned such as the dance party, talent show, bowling, and a BBQ at Saratoga State park.To learn more about Campabilities Saratoga, visit their website at   Tell me your experience in a sleep away camp. 

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