Thursday, July 17, 2014

Picnic Fun 2014

Yesterday, we had our Connect-Ability picnic at the Crossings Park in Colonie, NY.  Lizzie, Catharine's niece,  was at the picnic with us.  Forest was also there.  Ashley and Theresa came late because Ashley was working.  Ashley is a summer camp counselor at Central Park  in Schenectady,  NY.  Both Ashley and Theresa have cerebral palsy.  Forest also came yesterday and she has a learning disability.  She was involved in Connect-Ability in 10th grade.  Now she is a junior in college.  Isabel is a student who is going into 10th grade and she is volunteering with  Connect-Ability.  Her sister Olivia is going into her junior year of high school, is also volunteering with  Connect-Ability.  Isabel, Olivia and I went for a walk around the park.  After our walk, we had a late lunch.  We played Scatteregories.  We also went on an adventurous walk on the tree maze (labyrinth) - high hedges, or tall trees that have an intricate pattern in which is dificult to find your way out.  Here is a picture of our picnic.


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