Monday, July 14, 2014

Connect-Ability Summer Project

This week at NYSUT (New York State United Teachers) is Connect-ability week. 

Students are going to be coming  to NYSUT with and without disabilities.  There are all sorts of activities that are  going to take place. 
Today, we are going to start off the week with me demonstrating my equipment that helps me read.  Then,  we are going to work on a flyer that brings awareness about  students with disabilities. 

On Wednesday, we are going to have a barbique at the Crossings park.  We are going to be there from 2PM to 5PM.  We are going to be having fun, playing games and talking. 

On Friday, it is our last day of the Connect-Ability Summer Project.  There is going to be a presentation on the Common Core.  We will be also be doing a newsletter on Connect-ability.  The newsleter includes a flyer and a card that talks about disabilities. 

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