Friday, July 11, 2014

braille clubs for blind people

People with blindness attend Braille club.  Braille club is a club where you learn Braille! It is mainly held in schools. People that are sited can learn Braille.   There are Braille candies out there that have a message in it for people who are eating it.  It is found in the Lighthouse of Colier County. You would have to order it online.  A Braille candy is a chocolate with dots on it. On each piece of chocolate, there is a message written in Braille!  There is a Braille note for people to write Braille on. A Braille Note is a computerized machine that you can use.  It has speech on it.   A slate is a Braille machine that you could use to write.  You have to poke a hole into the slate to write Braille.  Tell me  about your clubs. 

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