Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Anti-Bullying Week

Each year in the spring, some schools will hold a Bullying Prevention Day.  This a day to bring awareness to people with and without disabilities who are being bullied.  The students who participate in the prevention day awareness have to be silent.  By being silent during this day, the silence is “telling” other students to be aware of bullying.  Not everyone chooses to participate in this program.  It is an option if you want to sign up for the program.  You would get a sticker that represents anti-bullying. Some students choose to sign u p the week before the Anti-bullying.  At the end of the day, you are allowed to talk.  What does your school do for Anti-bullying?  Do you participate in this program? 


  1. My son's school has a Character Education program. This is a committe of Teachers and Students. They hand out awards and organize events that reflect the school's goals relating to character and respect.

  2. I actually have high functioning autism, and I love how many people join the anti- bullying act.... But at my school they make all the students wear a sticker representing the anti- bullying act and the sticker contains the students name.....
    and those who wear the sticker have to be silent the whole day... and the reward is you standing up for the kids who get bullied.....