Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Q. My cousin uses pictures to communicate. He can't say a word. If I want to talk to him I have to use his pictures.  I hate it. I try to keep it simple. I really can't talk to him about stuff I'm interested in. So I mostly sit in silence when I see him. What would a kid like that have to say anyway?
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A. Don't take your frustrations out on him. He probably looks up to you.  Even though he doesn't have the ability to speak, he has the ability to use pictures to tell you what he is trying to say. So help him communicate on a broader level and use this to your (and his) advantage. Make some new pictures for him that will help him understand new words. Trust me! Almost every kid has a lot to say. The only difference is he can't express it the way you want him to.

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