Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I waited for you for years
All I ever wanted was a sibling
Finally you came and changed my life
More than we would ever know

"The baby from space" we called her
Not knowing how true this would become
A longing, distant stare took the place of a joyful smile
Much to our dismay
No longer could she speak or seem to listen when we spoke
Hardly was she the sibling I'd been waiting for

Life became unbearable as the years progressed
Vacations seemed more like hell than a rest
The screams and fights filled the house every hour every day
We were internally destroyed
Never one day did I not cry

I love her so much
Does she know what that means?
I often wonder what goes on in her mind
Is it chaos or paradise?
Not a care in the world
Or a terror she cannot express?
I'd give anything to know

Some days still haunt me
The ghost of her old self returns and takes over our world for a night
I can't bear to be around
Once we think she's behaving better
It all comes crashing down

I love that little girl with all my heart
Her presence fills the room with laughter and smiles
The only autistic kid with a sense of humor
I'm so lucky to have her
My baby girl is always there for me
But does she know she is?

Elizabeth Creamer

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