Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Sister and Her Phone
   I love to shop but I am just not so crazy about shopping with my older sister. Every time we go shopping she is allowed to take her time to look at everything and I, on the other hand, must hurry. My biggest problem with her is that she spends the entire time on her phone. I like to spend time together but I hope that the next time we go shopping she will keep her new phone in her pocket.

Donesha Stanley
A.B. Davis Middle school
Mt. Vernon, NY


  1. I know what you mean! As if the person you're with isn't as important as the one who's calling you!! Why is that? Your sister ought to pay more attention to you - you're keeping her company shopping - and less attention to the friend (?) who isn't even there. As the old song goes - Love the one you're with.

  2. Just talk to her next time. Let her know it bothers you and that you'd like that time to be sister time, not texting time. I'm sure she'll understand once you explain how you feel.