Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Olivia is a normal girl, just like you and me. She likes ice cream, chocolate, macaroni and cheese and coconut. Her favorite color is orange and she likes to play soccer. The only difference is that she is missing the lower part of her left arm. When Olivia was born something happened to cause her arm to stop growing at a certain point. Olivia can do anything you can do.  She just needs to put her mind to it.

Shriner’s Hospital is the place where Olivia gets a special machine called a prosthetic arm. She only needs one and she uses it until she grows out of it. Then they make a mold from Olivia’s arm and they use it to make a new one. There are special attachments that she can screw in to it to do things like archery and jumping rope that she normally couldn’t do with her special arm.

Sophie is Olivia’s best friend. Olivia envies Sophie because she can do the monkey bars – something Olivia has always wanted to do. Olivia discusses this with her doctor at Shriner’s Hospital. He suggests she try a hook arm which is pretty much what it sounds like. Olivia likes his idea and she receives it in the mail the next week. She brings it to school and Sophie says, “I am so jealous!” Olivia can’t believe her ears. She explains her envy to Sophie. Sophie just laughs and responds, “Now we can do the monkey bars together!”


This story is based on me. I am pretty much like Olivia. I would like to thank Mrs. McKeighan, my teacher, who helped me do the monkey bars.


  1. So happy you shared your story. I think it proves two points. 1) Our feelings (even envy) are more similar than different and 2) there's always a way to do something we really want to do (monkey bars, included).

  2. I love this story-straight from the heart. More importantly-I LOVE the little girl that wrote it!

  3. Zoe, I love your story. I am very proud of you for joining the magazine and working so hard. Keep it up!