Monday, December 1, 2014

Therapeutic Riding

A day in the life of Thomas By Forest Daisy

I have a very important job. I am a Norwegian Fjord therapy Horse, which works at the High and Mighty Stables. My work is very important as I cater to all kinds of people with and without disabilities. I offer people a chance to do something they haven’t done before. Whether that is standing still and calm as they learn to groom me, or strapping into my harness and pulling my carriage for people with mobility problems to take them on a ride. What might seem small is not. As much as I enjoy being groomed, stroked, and loved, it is just as fulfilling to be the one giving the love. The people I help see my trust and I the trust in them. A lot can come from a simple stroke of my nose. The trust begins on the ground and grows to the high and mighty height from my back as I ride them through the obstacle courses, to all the mailboxes on the trails, or around the paddock. A day in the life of this 7 year old Norwegian Fjord they call Thomas is very important and fulfilling after all I help others find something in themselves that they themselves might have lost sight of. No matter what a person can help others, get help, and find a way to do what everyone else has the option to do. Like I said I have a very important job. Welcome to a day in the life of Thomas.

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