Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I know that people scream because they have Autism.  I know that people could socialize even if  people have Autism.  People could take a card  that represents how they feel so that way a teacher could see what is happening to the students.  I think that people should come to Connect-Ability and participate in the writing and social activities.   They can also socialize a little bit and not talk much if they choose not to.  Tell me about your experience with Autism. 

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  1. People with disability(autism or CP or mental retardation or any of the many disabilities out there) are unique in two ways = their disability and their personality. So although two people having the same disability may have some things in common, they also have ways that they're different from one another. One person with autism may scream when he's upset or frustrated. Another person with autism may be silent. Another person may have learned how to communicate to an adult or friend that he is upset without screaming. Maybe you know someone in school with autism who screams when he's upset and that's scary to you. But remember not all people with autism scream.