Monday, February 24, 2014

Students tell us why they joined Connect-Ability

Why did you join Connect-Ability?
·       Christa   I became a self-advocate when I moved to New York.  I enjoy making new friends and I was glad to learn about Connect-Ability.  I have been an advocate for the Down Syndrome Association with Valoree (another Connect-Ability member).  I want to thank Connect-Ability for including me and I’ll see you all in 2014.
·       Isabel    I became involved with Connect-Ability three years ago through my older sister, a former editor. I love coming to workshops and learning through the experiences I have had at Connect-Ability such as drumming circles, puppet shows and more. Educating others on disabilities awareness, acceptance, compassion and community is very rewarding to me. I am glad I have Connect-Ability so I can share my thoughts on all of this.
·       Valoree   Connect-Ability means support to me because that is what it has given me. I was a former editor for two years.
·       Zoe       What I like about Connect-Ability is that everyone is so nice and friendly.  I like coming to workshops because they are interesting and thought provoking and I can make a lot of new friends (the food is a bonus). I come to Connect-Ability to share my thoughts and ideas about disability. Each meeting is fun and different so I come to see what’s happening.
·       Morgan   I have been a member since March 2013.  I found Connect-Ability through my mom who works at NYSUT (our sponsor). When I first came it was nerve racking. I didn’t know anyone and was nervous about being asked about disabilities because I didn’t have one. I thought my opinion would be wrong but then I found out that no opinion is wrong.  I was welcomed in like a family member. Once we started brainstorming ideas I knew I was in a great place. I have learned so much about disabilities and disabilities awareness. Connect-Ability has changed my outlook on others and will carry me far into the future.
·       Forest    I got into Connect-Ability as a junior in high school and I loved it. I started because of my love of writing and my own disability.  I wanted to use my own voice to educate people on my own and other disabilities. To me Connect-Ability is about friendship, expression, perception, acceptance, community and the future.

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