Sunday, May 26, 2013

Poetry From the Archives: 2011

In the 2011 Connect-Ability program year, students from around the state as well as those on our editorial board submitted their original poetry.  The following are selections from the volume 5 newsletter.

By Sarah Kaledin

Tolerance  is one thing, but acceptance is another.

We can all tolerate the boy who sits alone in class.

But can we accept him for the kind and gentle heart that he really has?

We can all tolerate the girl who is a little different from us.

But can we accept her for the fun-loving artistic person she really is?

We can all tolerate the girl who is in the chair.

But can we accept her for he ability to solve problems and the determined look in her eyes?

There is always something more than what's just on the surface.

You can tolerate, or you can accept.

The choice is always yours.

We Are Who We Are
By Collette Anne McLean

I am Collete Anne McLean

I am outgoing and funny.

I have a hard time staying on task.

I live a normal teenage life.

I'm a cheerleader and volleyball player.

I'm always pushing myself to be the best that I can be.

I am lucky to have family, friends, and teachers in my life.

I am unique in every way.

Who I am is who I love.

I have ADHD.

I am still trying to learn what this is.

I ask why, when does this happen?

But I think I know.

God made me special from head to tippy toe.

Nothing is going to change that.

I am who I am.

I learn everyday.

I can do anything ten times better than I thought.

I try and try and try again.

Until I get it.

Are you a student who writes poetry?  Don't hesitate to send it to us!  It just might end up on the Connect-Ability blog!!!

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