Tuesday, May 7, 2013

At a recent writing workshop for Connect-Ability.blogspot.com 
students were asked to place themselves in some situations that students with disabilities face every day. This is one of them:

Situation: "I have a hearing-impairment, and wear hearing aids.  My friends sometimes half-jokingly make fun of my situation.  Should I say something or should I just roll with the punches since we all kid one another at times about something?"


" Even though you and your friends may joke, if you ever feel like anything is taken too far you should tell them to stop. Even jokes from friends can be hurtful sometimes, and though it may be hard to confront your peers on this, if they are your true friends they will understand."

" It is one thing to joke when everyone is laughing, because sometimes it is necessary to stop being over sensitive and just take time to laugh at your own self.  However, if you are ever hurt or offended by these comments, you should speak up. If they are good friends, they will understand and stop."

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