Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Connect-Ability Q&A:
Q:    There's a new kid in my school who wears really thick glasses. He sits in the front row in every class so he can see the board. He told me he likes playing chess and asked me to play sometime. I like chess a lot but this kid may be weird. I feel funny hanging out with him. What should I do?
A:     I think you should play chess with him. Don't think that just because he looks "weird" or acts "weird" he can't be a really good friend in the long run. Don't judge a book by its cover because what's inside is all that matters. You guys have something in common - explore that! You might get in touch with an old friend of Connect-Ability - Fabio Botarelli. Look what he's doing with chess.
Fabio Botarelli, a former editor of  Connect-ability has always been interested in promoting the welfare of people with learning disabilities since joining the newsletter as a freshman in high school back in 2003. After graduating from Trinity College in Hartford CT, in 2010, Fabio retired from writing for Connect-ability and created his own chess business called Chessability NY. Today his business runs three individual chess programs in NYC schools and plans on making chess part of the general curriculum of all schools in the state of New York. He has extensive tutoring experience working with students with learning disabilities because he was once in special education himself and he knows first hand how the game of chess can work wonders for students of all educational backgrounds, especially for those who love to learn and have the potential to learn much but struggle in a mainstream school environment. Contact Fabio at fabiobotarelli10@gmail.com for more information.

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