Saturday, February 9, 2013

My First Day at Middle School
   My first day at middle school was fun but I was shy at the same time. My classmates and I were shuffled into room 312. It was my homeroom and I met my teacher who was new. My teacher reviewed classes from last year and I remembered all of it. As the day went by I attended other classes.  I made yearly goals with each of my teachers. They explained to me what I would be learning this school year. When it was time for lunch I went to the cafeteria and had hot dogs, vegetables and milk. At dismissal time there was a fight on the first floor. Security was involved and the hallways were crowded. I left the building and started to walk home. When I got home I talked to my mother about my first day and told her everything.

Adonijah Maxwell
A.B. Davis Middle School
Mt. Vernon, NY

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