Saturday, January 26, 2013

Traveling Has its Ups and Downs
    Two years ago we planned a trip to Florida. On the way to the airport we thought we were late and rushed there. When we got to the airport I walked through security and the scanning machine was beeping. I forgot I had a pin in my hair so I took it out and walked through again. My Mom asked if we were on time and the flight attendant replied "yes." We had time to get something to eat and use the bathrooms. My mother reminded us to hurry. We rushed to the terminal and got in line. A few minutes after we all sat down the pilot announced for all the passengers to put on their seat belts. It was time for take off. The ride was pretty smooth. On the way back it was not so smooth. The airplane was bumpy and there was lots of turbulence. Still, I will never forget what a good time we all had.

Chymia Holmes
A.B. Davis Middle School
Mt. Vernon, NY

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